vikilogoViki.com is so welcomed among TV fans, which is very popular in south-east Asia area and in South Korea and Japan. The name “viki” comes from “video” and “wikipedia”, which speaks out its feature- a global TV site contributed by a volunteer community of loyal fans. As its slogan said “by the fans, for the fans”, Viki provides thousands and thousands free videos, and it allows volunteer members to subtitle their favorite videos with other languages. However, Viki videos are not allowed to be downloaded directly for users. So how to download Viki videos always trouble video lovers. (Read More »)

keek download iconKeek is well known as a site of short-video, which attracts more than 60 million people worldwide. It presents a true life of all walks of life on the virtual internet. Also, it provides people with a platform for sharing something interesting and meeting new friends all over the world. Nowadays, People’s life is filled with social websites of all kinds. But Keek, as a unique site is focused on sharing short-video easily and quickly. This social website does not offer any editing and beautifying tools for videos. The concept of simple and real communication of video is highly regarded here. If you have the habit of downloading video from Keek for offline use or sharing with others, you have come to the right place. Below show you how to download Keek video with several extremely simple methods. (Read More »)

YouTube, as the largest video-sharing site on the rapid-developing internet, attracts the young and old every time. Each day hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded, downloaded and refreshed on this website. We love to save our favorite films, comedies, and TV series into personal collections whatever for relax in spare time or sharing with people around. Some free online Mac YouTube video downloader emerges due to demands, when Mac OS, an operating system totally differs from Windows OS being into the market. Here we will discuss several methods of difference about downloading YouTube on Mac. (Read More »)

ASKI am an amateur photography lover. I want to learn some photo process skills. A friend suggested me to learn photo-shop via online videos, but I have to teach kids at school at day and be family tutor at night, is there any way download video from Lynda, So that I can learn it on my iPad and iPhone devices? (Read More »)

SchoolTube ImageSchoolTube is a welcomed video sharing website among students and teachers. It is a platform sharing videos with educational implies, which has been endorsed by many educational institutions and been accepted by lots of schools in American. SchoolTube, own thousands of users, updates thousands of videos daily, some are quite worthwhile and original. While if you want to download videos from SchoolTube for other use, such as storing as favorite video, sharing with friends off-line. It’s not allowed just on the source page. What method can we take to solve the problem? (Read More »)

YouTube downloaderAs the leader video website, the video in YouTube feature abundance and popularity, which makes YouTube enjoy a large number of customers who usually upload and download the videos through YouTube. A free online video tool named TubeChop is often used when the customers need some sections of the videos. Just as its name implies that TubeChop is a YouTube oriented video-chopped tool. However, the customers often feel frustrated when they fail to download video from TubeChop. (Read More »)

Download slideshareThose people who often make PPT presentations must have heard of SlideShare which has become the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and other professional content. With Its goal, to share knowledge online, it allows users, both individuals and organizations, to easily upload and share PPT, infographics, documents, videos, PDFs, and webinars on topics ranging from technology and business to travel, health, and education. Multi languages are available on the site, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. Thus, there is no doubt that users can get a large amount of wonderful material. However, many people don’t know how to download from Slideshare. So, several methods will be introduced in this article. (Read More »)

MTV is an American satellite television channel that is headquartered in New York City. You can watch the latest music videos, TV shows and celebrity news of your favorite artist on MTV.com, which is primarily targeting at adolescents and young adults. (Read More »)

Why RTMP videos can’t be downloaded now and then?

The RTMP have strengthened security protection, far-ranging player interactivity and plug-in penetration, the most important of all is that it has some constraints towards firewall than other transport protocols. In consequences, many software fail to download RTMP video because it adopts technology to secure their media content. (Read More »)

Nowadays more and more people spend a fair amount of time watching videos online. You might keep browsing webpage and searching for your desired videos to play. Will you find yourself spending too much online and be tired?

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