Download slideshareThose people who often make PPT presentations must have heard of SlideShare which has become the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and other professional content. With Its goal, to share knowledge online, it allows users, both individuals and organizations, to easily upload and share PPT, infographics, documents, videos, PDFs, and webinars on topics ranging from technology and business to travel, health, and education. Multi languages are available on the site, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. Thus, there is no doubt that users can get a large amount of wonderful material. However, many people don’t know how to download from Slideshare. So, several methods will be introduced in this article.

Download Slideshare by clicking  “Save button

First, you should sign up for a Slideshare account, then log in. If you find the PPT you want to download, click the title to enter its page. On the top right corner of the player, there is a “Save” button, tap on it. Then a window will pop up, now you should select a folder to save the file.

Download by "save" button

Download Slideshare by Video Grabber

Most content can be downloaded in above way. However, you may meet the content that is not downloadable, because uploader has disabled the function of “Save”, such as some featured presentations, referring to the PPT that has been converted to video and dubbed by author. It is obvious that such kind of presentation is much more vivid and informative. In order to download that content, making use of additional Slideshare downloader is necessary. The downloader we need is called Video Grabber, an online downloader, which means users don’t need to install it.

  1.  Copy presentation’s link. After you find the featured presentation, copy its URL.
  2. Visit www.videograbber.net. Then input the link into address bar and click “Grab it”.
  3.  Set the output format and folder. When the downloader has got video’s link, two Download button will appear. If you want to download the presentation in MP4, you should right click the first button, and choose “Save link &Target as”, then a window will direct you specify the saving folder. If not, click the second button. Then varied format will show up, choose one of them, and click “Download”.

Download by Video Grabber


You can get a clearer description by watching this demo.



a. This app is a downloader based on Java, so before downloading, you should allow Java to run.

b. Solution two also works well to download Slideshare presentations on Mac .

c. You are enabled to embed SlideShare PPT, documents, infographics, etc. into blogs and other websites. Just click “Embed” on the top of player and tap on “Copy” after embed code is loaded, then insert in your site.

Embed Slideshare in website
d. You can search uploaded content in following way:

  • Enter keywords in search bar.
  • Search it according to its category, like marketing, technology, business and so on.
  • Search it according to the initial or first number of the name.

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