Is there a shortcut to extract YouTube videos? When I surf, I find many excellent videos, while I can’t find the option icon to extract videos from YouTube. How should I do to get the videos to my pc? —Bernard

People love YouTube videos and they want to extract videos off YouTube onto computer or portable players for playback. While as everybody know that YouTube videos don’t offer downloading, so extract YouTube videos without related tools can’t be done perfectly.

extract YouTube videos

Extract YouTube videos for playback is not the unique destination for people, they have other objects when surf YouTube website, such as extract audio from YouTube videos to iPod or mp3. However, if you want to extract music from YouTube videos, you also need professional download and convert software.

Video Download Suite just a powerful video downloader converter, with the help of it, you not only can extract videos from YouTube successfully, but also can fluently extract audio from YouTube videos to mp3.

About Video Download Suite:

Video Download Suite is design for users to extract all kinds of streaming videos from various websites and convert the videos into all possible video or audio formats. Besides, this program has another special function, that’s help users effortless to search associated videos.

Extract videos off YouTube by the means of Video Download Suite absolutely the simplest way. Because that there are two different paths for you when extract videos from YouTube by it.

Apply Video Download Suite to extract YouTube videos:

Download and install the program Video Download Suite is the preparation course before start to extract videos off YouTube.

extract videos from YouTube

1, click “MySettings” tab to set desired files that download videos as well as video size which you hope and so on.

2, Find the video which you want to extract on Copy its link and put into download box, hit “Download” button to begin to extract videos from YouTube.

On this step, you also can straight to record videos from YouTube without copying and pasting the video’s url by hand. What you do is run the built-in recorder, watch the video on Internet Explorer, when a window popup, click “Add to download list “to go.

3, when extract videos off YouTube complete, right click the image of the downloaded videos which need to be converted and hit “convert” to switch the videos formats. Extract audio from YouTube videos just need to convert the videos into mp3 or other audio formats is ok.

These above steps just the simple course of extracting videos from If you want to extract videos from other popular sites, you also can use this program. For example, download MySpace videos, download video from Crackle etc.