How can I rip Vimeo videos in a fast way? What tool I can use to rip videos from Vimeo, could you recommend some video rippers for me? Can I rip Vimeo video to my portable device as mp3 format?

There are many similar questions presenting in front of you, when you login in some forums. From here, we know that people love to rip videos from Vimeo, while they are keeping looking for the easiest way to get videos from Vimeo.

rip Vimeo videos

Though there are many downloading tools on the internet, whereas, some tools can’t satisfy people’s desire of ripping any videos what they liked. And some just can rip Vimeo video in their original flv formats that can’t play on digital device like iPod, iphone and more without changing the formats by extra converter.

So when people rip videos off Vimeo needs a combination tool of downloading and converting function. Like Vimeo Video Downloader—Video Download Suite is just the proper tool together with downloading function and converting function.

What’s superiority when you rip Vimeo videos by Vimeo Video Downloader?

1, you can copy any videos what you preferred;
2, about twenty videos can be ripped at one time, the speed of ripping is quite fast;
3, its built-in converter can switch the videos into various media files like mp3 audio format, mp4, avi etc to meet the needs of different portable players.

Rip videos from Vimeo with Vimeo Video Downloader shows below:

Download Vimeo Video Downloader from its office website, then install and operate it.
Hit “My Settings” icon to set videos downloading folder and converting files path and more.

Rip Vimeo videos by url or directly record Vimeo videos with built-in recorder. Ripping by url: find the link of video on and capture it into download item of Vimeo Video Downloader, then press start button to get videos off site.

rip videos from Vimeo

Rip Vimeo flv video by recording: click the image of recorder on top right corner to run built-in recorder and make the video play on internet explorer. Spends several minutes in waiting for the software detects the video, after it detects the video, it will pop up a box, input the name of the video in this box and click “Add to download list” is all right.

When rip Vimeo video is complete, choose the video you would like to enjoy on digital device, right click the image of the video then click the “convert” to change the video’s media format.

Another outstanding feature of Vimeo Video Downloader is that you can search the best videos you preferred as well as related videos by the searching function of it, when you rip videos from Vimeo with the help of Vimeo Video Downloader.

Rip Vimeo videos with other video downloders like Video Download Capture, Streaming Video Recorder are also good ways.

The difference among them is that the later two tools have no searching function, and Video Download Suite is a combination of Video Download Capture and Streaming Video Recorder.

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