Netflix is a movie rental company, which provides people watch streaming movies online. If you log out of this website, you can’t watch these movies freely unless save Netflix movies to your computer or portable players.

save Netflix movies

However, it seems that there is no obvious option for people save Netflix movies off site. Save movies from Netflix needs the help of professional downloading tool. Though such downloading programs are flooding on websites, find a proper and practical one is not easy.

Video Download Suite is professional downloading software, whose design idea is capture any videos what users wanted and free to convert videos into any formats that compatible with different devices. Save Netflix streaming movies by Video Download Suite is a good way, which is proved by the practice of people.

Here, show you how to save Netflix movies by Video Download Suite:

A necessary and initial course of saving Netflix movies is download and install program Video Download Suite, then start up it on desktop. The next steps are do settings, save movies from Netflix by url or direct record movies from, convert Netflix movies.

The detailed information of the above steps, you can refer to How to rip MTV videos. After you save movies on Netflix to computer, you can crop and trim the downloaded Netflix movies accord to your requirement yet.

Besides, you are allowed to search related Netflix movies or play your favorite Netflix movies on this program.

save movies from Netflix

Except Video Download Suite, other good quality software like Video Download Capture and Streaming Video Recorder also can help you simple to save movies from Netflix.

When save Netflix streaming movies by Video Download Capture, the main steps are similar to Video Download Suite. The different place is that apply Video Download Suite can free to search related videos, while Video Download Capture can’t.

Use Streaming Video Recorder to save movies on Netflix, you just open this software when you watch the videos on web, it will automatically capture the movies into your desired files. The only deficiency of it is that if the video can’t play on web, you are unable to save this video off website.

While Video Download Suite not only own all superiority of these two tools, but also make up their drawbacks. That’s one of the major reasons why people regard it as the best tool to save Netflix movies to computer or gadgets like iPod, Zune, iPhone and so on.

To sum up, weigh the pros and cons before you choose the way to save Netflix streaming movies off website.

These three tools not only can save movies from Netflix, they also can be used to capture videos or movies, music videos and so on from other popular websites like YouTube, Hulu, Metacafe and things. For example: How to save Metacafe videos etc.